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The Nitview® Ledcomb is an ideal product for any Pharmacy planogram. Each outer contains a small pre-assembled, eye catching display holding 6 units.

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"Nitview makes intelligent use of some very simple technology, taking advantage of the natural characteristic of chitin to emit UV light. Current best practice is to use wet-combing methods to detect and eradicate headlice infestation, but failure can occur when just a single egg or louse is missed.

Nitview removes the guesswork from wet-combing and virtually guarantees first-time eradication by making all eggs and insects highly visible to the user. Nitview is safe, reliable and reusable and is my number one recommendation for parents seeking an effective treatment for headlice."

Michael Stewart MRPharmS, Community Pharmacist, Nottingham, UK


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Nitfocus Study

9 out of 10 families* recommend Nitview® 

* Results from a Nitfocus study in June 2013, sample    group 1,584 families