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There are cheaper shampoo type products on the market so why should I choose Nitview? 

The Nitview® Ledcomb represents great value - it is a one off purchase that can be used time and time again during any head lice outbreak eliminating the need for repeat buying which is required with all chemical based products.


I have had a problem removing the comb section

The instructions show you how to remove the comb section  


i.use your thumb on one side to push the comb, it will move 1cm and click and lock (see below) 

ii. after it clicks and at this point, give it a slight twist and the comb section is easily removed (see below)





How long will my delivery take?

We aim to despatch all goods within 24 hours from the date of your order.
How much is delivery? 
Standard delivery is free.
Which countries will you deliver to? 
We deliver to any UK and Southern Ireland address.
What payment methods can I use?
You can use any major debit or credit card on our site. Alternatively, there is a checkout with paypal button. 
How does Nitview®Ledcomb work?

Both lice and nits have chitin in their exo-skeletons which absorbs the light wave length of the Nitview®Ledcomb. Lice are notoriously difficult to see but the chitin emits fluorescence thus facilitating the location of the parasites for easier removal.

  1. Insert 3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries into the battery compartment (See instructions in the section on “Removing and changing the batteries”).
  2. Hold the Nitview®Ledcomb by the handle, press the central button and the UltraLED torch will start to emit light.
  3. Place the head of the Nitview®Ledcomb by its teeth at an angle of no more than 90º and begin to inspect the hair from root to ends, running the teeth through each strand to be examined.
  4. Remove extracted lice and eggs from the comb using a damp paper cloth or wipe.
  5. Repeat the operation strand by strand until the whole head has been inspected and cleaned.

How many batteries does Nitview®Ledcomb need?

Nitview®Ledcomb requires three (3) AAA 1,5 V batteries.

How are lice & nits seen when using Nitview®Ledcomb?

Under the UV light of the comb, parasites will fluoresce. The other particles such as dandruff or dust will not be as bright as lice and nits.

Why can’t I see lice & nits fluoresce?

It’s very important to use the Nitview®Ledcomb in low or subdued light conditions.

Can I use Nitview®Ledcomb in wet hair?

Yes - Nitview®Ledcomb can be used in either wet or dry hair.

Is Nitview®Ledcomb dangerous?

No - Nitview®Ledcomb is harmless, however always avoid use by children without adult supervision.

Is Nitview®Ledcomb UV light dangerous for the eyes or skin?

Nitview®Ledcomb has been tested in this regard, and as any other kind of light, it´s not recommended to expose the light directly to the eyes for more than 20 minutes continuously. 

Can I use Nitview®Ledcomb on different children?

Yes, as long as the comb has been cleaned before using it on the next child in order to avoid transmission.

How do I clean my Nitview®Ledcomb?

After each use, carefully extract and clean the comb using soap and water, but never use corrosive products.

Can I boil the comb?

It’s not recommended to boil the Nitview®Ledcomb. For cleaning - soap and water is recommended.


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* Results from a Nitfocus study in June 2013, sample    group 1,584 families