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Bug busting

Wet combing treatment (bug busting)

Combing is still considered "best practice" for the removal of both lice and nits and is the only method to ensure total eradication.


Bug busting

Systematic combing with a fine tooth comb to physically remove lice.

Use of a Nitview® Ledcomb, conditioner, a white or paper towel in low light conditions.

This procedure will be required to be carried out every 3 to 4 days over a 2 week period.


Wet hair and towel dry (Nitview® Ledcomb can be used on wet or dry hair previously untangled).

Apply conditioner.

Comb with an ordinary comb to untangle hair and then divide into sections.

Using the Nitview® Ledcomb, carefully comb through each section of the hair approx. 2cm apart.

Insert the teeth of the comb to the root of the hair and pull through to the ends.

Clean the comb between each section and check for live lice.

Repeat for the whole head.

Wash off conditioner and repeat combing on the wet hair.

If lice are found, repeat every 3 to 4 days for a period of at least 2 weeks until no live lice are found..

If no live lice are found, repeat the procedure weekly to prevent infestations. 

Check the whole family and inform social contacts.                                


If symptoms persist, seek advice from your pharmacist. 


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* Results from a Nitfocus study in June 2013, sample    group 1,584 families