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Nitview® Ledcomb - the revolution against lice and nits.

How Nitview® works

Nitview® Ledcomb is an internationally patented medical device that incorporates an ultraviolet light (400-405nm, light range naturally visible to the human eye) and detachable comb with micro-channelled teeth for the effective removal of both lice and nits.


The lice, their eggs and nits (the empty egg cases) glow under the UV light making them very easy to find amongst the hairs and then remove with the comb. 

UV light is absorbed by chitin, a major constituent of the 'shell' of lice and nits. Chitin emits fluorescence during exposure to UV which makes the insects glow.

The comb section can be easily removed to enable the UV light to confirm that all lice and eggs have been removed and help to avoid the recurrence of the infestation. The light can be used to check clothing, towels, bed linen etc.

The Nitview® Ledcomb represents great value - it is a "one off purchase" that can be used time and time again during any head lice outbreak eliminating the need for repeat buying which is required with all chemical based products.

Nitview® Ledcomb                                                             

  • Is safe for use on both wet and dry hair.            
  • Does not rely on insecticide chemicals.
  • Will not cause resistance to treatment.
  • Will not cause allergy or irritation.

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Nitfocus Study

9 out of 10 families* recommend Nitview® 

* Results from a Nitfocus study in June 2013, sample    group 1,584 families